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How do we support?

Have you experienced discrimination and you need free psychological support or assistance in claiming your rights?
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How does it work?

If you have experienced discrimination use one of the following ways to reach out to us: by phone, e-mail or via the app.


  • We know that this decision is not easy, you may feel ashamed or guilty, but we are there to take care of your comfort and safety.
  • One of our support specialists will respond to your report and determine whether you have been subject to discrimination. If not - we will redirect you to the appropriate institution or supporting organization.
  • If you have been discriminated our specialists will inform you about possible forms of support and schedule an appointment with a relevant expert.
  • Providing your personal data is voluntary. The condition of accepting your application is being a resident of Gdańsk.
  • You can freely inform our specialists how should they address you.
  • Please also let us know about any other support availability needs, we will try to address them.
  • Without your initiative and consent, GCRT will not initiate any legal procedure, nor will it transfer information or data to any institution.

What do we provide?

In the event of discrimination or prejudice-motivated violence, we can offer you:


  • psychological help, provided in the form of a support group for people with similar experience, or individual help,
  • information and legal assistance that can support you both in preparing documents and in pursuing your rights in court or in institutions in many areas: from education to the labor market,
  • support of an assistant who can accompany you during visits to courts and institutions and ensure the fair implementation of your rights.


Address ul. Biskupia 4, 80-875 Gdańsk

Telephone +48 519 544 485