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About us

How was GCRT born?

The Gdańsk Centre for Equal Treatment (GCRT) is a task commissioned and financed by the City of Gdańsk, in response to the needs of discriminated groups living in Gdańsk. This need was expressed in recommendation 91. of the Gdańsk Model for Equal Treatment, adopted by the City Council of Gdańsk on 28th of June 2018.


GCRT was created as a result of selecting the best offer submitted in a competitive bid for the implementation of public tasks of the City of Gdańsk, in the priority category of "promotion and protection of freedom and human rights". The creation of the Centre results from local law and the Gdańsk 2030+ Strategy, but it also implements the idea of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

9 Months
of operation
12 Supporting
763 Hours
of consultation done
26 Trainings and
meetings conducted

About the project

Our most important task is to support people who experience discrimination and prejudice-motivated violence. 


In addition, we conduct research on the phenomena of discrimination and violence, including an anonymous register of cases reported to us. Thanks to this, we can supplement the official data of the institution with data from the so-called the gray area of hate crime. 


Such information makes it possible to plan adequate and effective solutions for those most in need. As part of the project, we also conduct training for professionals on contact and support for excluded people. We share our knowledge and experience so that every person in Gdańsk can feel treated with respect.

Project Leaders

Experienced organizations that have been involved in social support for years have joined forces in GCRT. Until 2022, the leader of the project is the WAGA Association, who is running the Neighbourhood Home (Dom Sąsiedzki) and Centre for Vocational Activation at ul. Biskupia 4. They are also supporting the youth as well as senior citizens.
The agreement with the Gdańsk Municipality was also signed by the Fundacja Oparcia Społecznego Aleksandry FOSA Foundation, which has specialized for many years in providing support for people with disorders and experiencing mental crisis, as well as preventing marginalization of groups at risk of social exclusion.

Partner network

Foundation Centrum Praw Kobiet - branch in Gdańsk, offering complex, free of charge psychological and legal support for women experiencing violence and discrimination based on sex
Foundation KOBIETY WĘDROWNE, working for integration and equal treatment of immigrants in Gdańsk,
Association for LGBT People "Tolerado", focusing on integrating and supporting LGBT+ people
The lounge of Krytyka Polityczna in Tricity works for long-term social changes. In GCRT it coordinates the cooperation on the statutory premise of discrimination based on religion or lack of religious beliefs. 

The declaration of commitment to the GCRT partnership network until 2022 has been signed by several organisations:

The list of organisations constituting the GCRT support network is always open. We look forward to seeing you!


Address ul. Biskupia 4, 80-875 Gdańsk

Telephone +48 519 544 485